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Bringing Systems to Life

The wealth of online resources at everyone’s fingertips, as well as the host of publications and specialists in every subject imaginable, mean that information and learning have never been easier to access.

But that very availability means it’s sometimes hard to know where to start.

What do you need to know?

How much is information and how much is commentary or opinion?

How to pick out the important points, tailor them specifically to your organisation – and make them somehow digestible for other team members?

We know, reading up about Management Systems, for instance, isn’t everyone’s shot of espresso.

Which is where we come in.

Sometimes there is no substitute for a live presentation or company-specific workshop session to get to the nub of the issues: emphasise the key points: have some fun along the way: whet your appetite for more and generally inject a bit of enthusiasm to bring the whole subject off the page.

We make no bones about it: we love what we do, and we love to talk about it. Bringing our subjects to life, and relating them to practical benefits and examples in your own organisational setting, Infralogics presentations have been described as “Making the seemingly impossible, interesting!”

Professional Presentation

Our presentations, seminars and training sessions are always thoroughly researched, professionally presented and appropriately customised for you. We will agree the format, style and programme, as well as key content and messages you may want to put across. (See How we work with you.)

If it is within our field of expertise – we are happy to talk about it.

Examples have included:

“Stephen held induction presentations to show people how to use the new Company Manual to best effect. His enthusiastic and supportive style of presenting was well-received.”

Peter Brophy, Director of Finance & Corporate Services, Association of Colleges.

“Stephen presents the auditor role and responsibilities for everyone to understand – and makes the subject interesting.”

John Cherry, Director of Contracts, Clyde Bergemann Materials Handling Ltd.

“The ‘group workshop’ approach provided an easy and informal way of understanding what the Standard really means on a practical level. You could see how the clauses would need to be applied in a range of different circumstances and industries.

“The presenters / consultants really knew their subject, but were able to keep a balance between the formal ISO requirements and their experience of ‘real life at the coalface.’ The mix of theory and practicality was exactly what a small business needs. We would recommend this course to any small business looking for a painless way of setting up a meaningful and accredited Quality Management System.”

Paul Adams, Quality Manager / Director, E-Force-Installation Limited

“Managed to make it applicable to a wide range of attendees.”

Helen Bennett, Director, The Business Network.

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