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Process Mapping

Making things clear

Process mapping is a highly practical way to visualise, develop and improve the processes and workflows within your organisation.

Forget about long, prosy procedures and simply draw a picture of what you do. Process mapping helps to focus on the key points and clear away the “noise.” A diagram provides clarity and transparency across functional silos and departmental barriers. Bottlenecks are readily identified, and unnecessary process loops can be eliminated.

Many people can relate more easily to a diagram than to a page of text.

If that’s true in your organisation then some form of mapping or charting could help bring your business systems to life, and ensure that everyone really understands and follows them.

Documenting and improving Business Processes

Infralogics clients have used process mapping and similar techniques in projects including:

“The approach adopted by Stephen brought the two teams closer together at a personal as well as a professional basis… He researched and understood the problem very well.He was excellent at breaking down barriers and getting the two teams to work together.The process mapping approach was extremely well received by all participants.”

Andrew Ratcliffe – Inward Investment Manager, Bolton Metropolitan Borough Council.

Whether you just want to map out a single operation or department, or your entire organisation – we can design or facilitate the presentation and make following your business procedures as easy as – well, drawing a picture.

The results of process mapping exercises (or similar techniques such as flowcharting or “swimlane diagrams”) can be put to use online (via shared portals), in electronic files or printed out and incorporated into hard copy documentation, “grab charts” or wall posters to prompt and support personnel at all levels of your organisation.

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