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How we work with you

What does a typical Infralogics consultancy project look like in practice?

1: First Contact

(by phone, e-mail, through our Contact Form or perhaps simply at a networking event)

Let us know your area of interest.
If we can’t pick up your message immediately we will get back to you.

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2: Initial Conversation

It’s important we introduce each other and get a realistic idea of the scope and expectations of any project.

If we don’t think we can help you we will say so (or try to suggest someone who can).

Please don’t ask us for an off-the-cuff quote based on a short telephone conversation. If your project is worth your investment you will want to prepare the ground better, and so will we. That’s where the next stage comes in.

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3: Initial Meeting

For any work of more than a single day we will almost always visit you for an introductory meeting.

It’s not just about scoping out the project in more detail, or better understanding your needs and the organisational context– though clearly these are important.

Just as importantly, it’s about getting a feel for how we can work together. What’s the right approach for your particular concerns? Are we a good fit with your organisation? How would you like the job done and what are your priorities?

This is the start of a relationship – and it works both ways.

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4: Written Proposal

We will always provide a written Proposal before any initial work.

We think this is only fair to both parties – in particular, it sets out for you what we think we are undertaking to achieve.

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5: Written Agreement

We will ask you to confirm your agreement in writing before we start.

Again, we think this is only fair: the last thing we want is any ambiguity over exactly what has been agreed to at the outset.

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6: Delivery

It may have taken a while to get here but we are now on a good footing and ready to go.

We will work closely and collaboratively with your nominated contacts and subject matter experts and will keep you fully informed at all times of where we are up to.

Project stages, milestones and other terms (including payment terms) will vary from project to project and will have been spelled out in the Written Proposal.

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7: Completion

“Completion” of course means different things for different projects, and again we will have set this out in our written Proposal and Agreement.

Sometimes it could be a report or set of reports; for other projects it may be a set of documentation, the achievement of a certification or some other milestone in business improvement reached.

Whatever it looks like for you, we will keep working with you until we achieve it. (Ask some of our clients whose projects were delayed but who got there in the end!)

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8: Your Satisfaction

Of course we want you to be satisfied with the outcome – and yes, we may ask you for some feedback please!

Naturally we hope we will already know through our working relationship how you feel about the project – but if it’s alright with you we’d like to let other, prospective clients know too. (You may have read our Case Studies & Testimonials page before contacting us.)

Thank you, and until next time!