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External Audits

As part of the certification process to any of the ISO Management System Standards your certification body will carry out a formal, independent (“third party”) audit of your system.

Further periodic audits (sometimes called “surveillance” or “continuing assessment” visits) will take place as a condition of maintaining your certification.

You may also be audited by other interested parties including customers (so-called “second party audits”), or possibly auditors from a sister or parent organisation.

Help and Support

If you aren’t sure about the requirements of the Standards, lack the expertise in-house or would simply feel more secure in having a fully-trained auditor “on your team” to ensure the best and fairest representation of your systems during the audit process – rest assured, you are not alone.

We routinely support a number of clients at external assessments. We can help to facilitate any necessary “translation” between the auditors’ questions and your organisation’s systems in practice. Where records or other documentation are requested we can help you to put your finger on the right information. And if any queries should arise, we can help to ensure they are genuinely relevant to the audit requirements and that they are properly discussed with the right people from your organisation.

Once the audit has finished, we can review with you the best ways to address any concerns raised. We can often provide feedback on other points you should be aware of, over and above those formally raised in the audit report.

Give yourself and your team that extra reassurance for your next external audit: contact Infralogics on 0161 796 2558, e-mail info@infralogics.co.uk or get in touch via our Contact page for an initial discussion.