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Manuals, Procedures and Documentation

Capturing Organisational Knowledge

The most successful organisations in the world have operating manuals and procedures which frame day-to-day activities and are passed on to new members.

If you run any business or organisation, you follow systems of some sort. You may have a standard or preferred way of doing certain things. These processes may be written down, verbally communicated between your people or just intuitively understood as “The way we do things here.”

That may be all you need right now. But all organisations go through change at some point.

Your organisation may grow. New people join and they follow their own ideas about how to do things.

Experienced heads leave, or are unexpectedly absent: what happens when they are not there to guide and advise on the things they usually do?

Capturing that body of knowledge, in a way that maintains consistency when individuals change, and yet incorporates flexibility to adapt and improve, is a cornerstone of any successful organisation. This has been a foundation of Infralogics’ expertise right from the start.

“It is rare to find someone with the ability to document complex practices in simple, easy-to-follow terms. This has proved invaluable in training and managing a large, diverse organisation.”

Andy Cooper, Head of Legal, Airtours Holidays.

Consistency, Effectiveness and Improvement

We help organisations to develop policies, procedures, manuals and company handbooks which make business processes run smoothly.

Business and management system documentation must be right for your needs: accurate, consistent, easy to follow and of practical use to your enterprise.

The operating procedures we write do not get left on the shelf. Whether you are starting from a blank sheet of paper, blowing the dust off an old manual or handbook or completely revamping your look, feel and content, we work with all forms and formats to bring your documentation to life, so that:

Stephen’s willingness to listen, ability to understand and attention to detail has been extremely valuable in helping us meet our objectives – to produce an effective manual which is in daily use.”

Peter Brophy, Director of Finance and Corporate Services, Association of Colleges.

What can we help you with?

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Process mapping can also be a highly effective form of capturing your documentation or raising awareness and visibility.

Find out how our service supports you from our first contact to completing the work to your satisfaction in How we work with you.

Some of our documentation has subsequently been used by clients as the basis for developing fully-certified ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems. But it isn’t all about certification: Infralogics Director Stephen Singer was writing operations manuals before 9001 was an ISO Standard!

Whatever your objectives – if it needs documenting, we can help you.

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