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Case Study: Clyde Bergemann

ISO 9001: 2015 support for Clyde Bergemann Materials Handling Ltd

Infralogics has worked with the senior management team at Clyde Bergemann Materials Handling Ltd since 2006.

Through regular monthly visits, Stephen has helped run the audit programme (Internal Auditor training and external audit support), develop the Quality Manual and documentation for compliance and co-ordinate the six-monthly reviews of the Quality Management System.

Stephen Singer supports John Cherry, Director of Contracts and Denis Smith, Quality Manager in maintaining the standards required for the ISO 9001 certification including transition to the 2015 revision.

“When we have a question, Stephen provides an instant answer. He can immediately tell us how an ISO requirement can be made to benefit the business. If any issues arise, Stephen is flexible, on hand to help.

John Cherry
Director of Contracts, Clyde Bergemann

Internal Auditor training

In their commitment to quality, John and Denis decided to conduct Internal Audits in-house.

They invited volunteers to become Internal Auditors and asked Stephen to design and deliver the training.

John and Denis attended Infralogics’ “Auditing Basics” training along with four other newly appointed Internal Auditors.  

 “Stephen explained the ISO terminology in a language everyone could understand and made the auditor training interesting,” said John.“Understanding the business from employees’ perspective benefits the whole business. Everyone is involved in meeting company objectives.”

Empowering employees at all levels to complete Internal Audits has encouraged them to come up with ideas for better ways of working – and opportunities for personal development.

John and Denis each went on to complete Internal Audits with Stephen observing. He gave constructive advice and produced useful feedback on each audit.

“Impressive knowledge”

John and Denis appreciate Stephen’s flexible approach, his detailed knowledge of Quality Management Systems and ISO certification, its impact on the business and his ideas about what can be done to make processes work more efficiently.

Infralogics has developed documentation and forms (such as departmental procedures), audited against other company standards (Anti-Bribery and Corruption policies) and redesigned the company database to log and resolve Business Issues.

Stephen continues to support John and Denis in their Internal Audit programme and in managing all aspects relating to their Quality Management System and certification.


About Clyde Bergemann

Clyde Bergemann designs, project-manages, manufactures, supplies, installs and services mechanical and pneumatic material handling systems and air pollution control systems. Their people work in Doncaster, Burton-upon-Trent and in different time zones around the world.