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Case Study: Boge Compressed Air Systems

Getting the best from ISO 9001 certification and auditing: Updating BOGE Compressors Ltd.

Infralogics has carried out Internal Audits of BOGE’s ISO 9001-certified Quality Management System since 2009 with Stephen supporting the Head Office in Yorkshire and Alun supporting the South Wales depot.

Stephen provided quality management consulting and auditing services to General Manager Mark Whitmore and his team. He supported Mark during external audits, ran a Process Charting Workshop for the Service Division and supported Mark through the surveillance audits which demonstrate the system’s efficiency.

“Stephen has an in-depth knowledge of Quality Management Systems, the ISO terminology and the benefits certification brings to BOGE.”

Mark Whitmore
General Manager

No Non-Conformities

Infralogics helped BOGE prepare for transition to the latest update to the Standard: ISO 9001: 2015. Stephen conducted a “Gap Analysis” and Internal Audit against the new Standard, which now emphasises the company’s management of risk, business continuity and leadership.

The company achieved transition to ISO 9001: 2015 certification in June 2017 at the first attempt, with no Non-Conformities raised.

“These achievements would have been significantly more difficult without Stephen,” said Mark.“Stephen has an in-depth knowledge of Quality Management Systems, the ISO terminology and the benefits certification brings to BOGE.”

Preparing to achieve the new Standard

Stephen influenced Mark to re-write the Quality Manual in preparation for the transition.

The division was relocating from Brighouse to Huddersfield at one of the busiest times of the year. Adding to the disruption were staff changes and computer system failures. But Mark took Stephen’s advice and re-wrote the entire Manual including new processes, forms and documentation.


“One of the best ideas to come out of the collaboration with Stephen was the ‘Who Does What List,’ with a complementary instruction manual. It’s a spreadsheet divided by job function and makes every process visible. Staff use the list to look up task owners and descriptions rather than ask a manager which saves significant amounts of time.”


According to Mark, everything Stephen suggested made life easier.

“Stephen’s expertise helps us run the business better – to become more profitable.”

“Infralogics are instrumental in helping us run the company from a quality point of view.”

Two Internal Audits per year are planned, scheduled around the external audit. The audits take place every 4 months – outside peak periods.



About Boge Compressed Air Systems

BOGE supply industrial compressed air systems throughout the UK and Ireland.