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Auditing Systems and Procedures

You have systems and procedures in place in your organisation. How well are they working?

Can everyone fully understand and follow your requirements?

Does everyone know how their activities relate to the work being done in other departments?

Do the results meet the objectives, or is there room for improvement?

An “audit” is simply a structured process for looking at the evidence of how processes work in practice, and how that matches up to expectations or requirements.

Auditing for Improvement

A good audit will assess not just compliance with defined criteria (such as Standards or procedures) but also the effectiveness of your systems. The findings can in turn be used as the basis for further improvement.

It doesn’t have to be a stuffy, formal or confrontational exercise: some of the best value from our audits comes from the informal ideas and suggestions raised in audit conversations.

“My organisation is audited frequently. Stephen from Infralogics is the one visit that I look forward to as I know that he will provide us with practical suggestions and direct our thoughts to consider potential improvements that may not have occurred to us previously. In a busy operating environment Stephen’s audit visits give us a welcome opportunity to think about how we work and his suggestions frequently feature in our management review meetings.”

(Quality Manager at a professional services client)

What to audit

If you have a Management System certified to any of the ISO Management System Standards, or you are working towards certification, Infralogics’ trained and experienced auditors can help with the required “Internal Audits” (those carried out by or on behalf of your own organisation).

But an audit can shine a valuable light on how well your organisation’s processes and systems are working at any level – irrespective of formal certification. Our client audits have included:

How we can help

Whether for a single audit or a programme of audits, we will agree with you the scope, timings, information sources, people to be involved and the reporting format best suited to your needs. See How we work with you and the Mission, Vision and Values which underpin our approach.

If you want to carry out your own Internal Audits but are not sure where to start – we can help you set up the audit programme, devise appropriate documentation and even train your in-house audit team (see  Training, Workshops & Seminars).

We can also support you at “external” (or “third party”) audits carried out by your assessment body – see External Audits.

Contact us today to talk through your organisation’s audit requirements and what form of support would be best for you: telephone 0161 705 4336 or use the Enquiry form on the Contact page.